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aims and objectives

The FDTL (Fund for the Development of Teaching & Learning) funded RAPID 2000 Project (2000 - 2003) sought to develop professionalism, competence and excellence by promoting skill development - based on professional development needs - on undergraduate programmes in Construction and Civil Engineering.

The primary aim of this project was to enhance the quality of graduates from Civil and Building Engineering through the development of skills, identified through industry-based professional development programmes.

This was achieved by fulfilling the following objectives:

  • Identifying skill development needs across the Civil and Building Engineering sector, as specified in the professional development competencies of relevant Professional Institutions
  • Adapting the RAPID Progress File to respond to the skill development needs identified
  • Implementing the new versions of RAPID with students on accredited degree programmes
  • Promoting the adoption of the new versions of RAPID in Civil and Building Engineering degree programmes across the HE sector
  • Using the promotion and implementation of RAPID to encourage departments to incorporate skills development more explicitly and more effectively within their curricula


For further details of this project contact the RAPID team



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